5 Fabulous Destinations for Solo Travelers

5 Fabulous Destinations for Solo Travelers

Nature lover, shopaholic, history aficionado, foodie or spa girl, which one these titles matches your travel profile? From eating your way around Singapore to exploring the beautiful cactus filled landscapes of Arizona, choosing a destination with activities to keep you busy, is easy to navigate and safe for travelers can make your solo trip unforgettable.

Traveling solo can be an incredibly empowering experience. You’re not anyone’s schedule but yours—and if you feel like venturing off from your itinerary you’re free to explore whatever you want, on your own time without the influence of a companion.

Regardless of where you go, safety is an issue. But nowadays it’s dangerous in your very own backyard. Before you go, research the destination. Visit the areas government sites for travel advisories, keep emergency numbers in your phone, and also find out if it’s a country where you can easily interact with locals. If you’re a woman traveling solo, find our how  women are viewed or treated within the country?

With this in mind, here are five amazing destinations for solo travelers to consider for your next trip:

1. Singapore “Foodie”

Calling all Foodie’s. Eat your way through Singapore by discovering the diverse flavors and cuisines from Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino traditions.

Singapore, with plenty of five-star dining experiences, is also home to the best hawker stalls  (food courts). Both tourist and locals claim hawker stalls are the best places to eat in Singapore, and the food is ridiculously cheap. At about $5 per meal, or $4 USD you can feast on everything from noodles to seafood.

2. Costa Rica “Nature Girl Meets Adventure”

Does the idea of zip lining 500 ft. off the ground through mountains, walking suspension bridges spread across a rain forest or taking hikes along a dormant volcano excite you?  If so Costa Rica may be for you.

For Nature lovers and Adventurers, Costa Rica provides plenty of activities for those traveling alone. Time magazine also listed Costa Rica as one of the places in the world with the happiest people on earth. So it’s the perfect place to truly connect with nature. Remember solo travel doesn’t have to be about being alone. Check Couchsurfing.org or Trip advisor.com arrange group tours and/or meet-up with people from around the world with similar interest by taking a skill building activity like, scuba diving, surfing, or hiking.

3. Paris, France “History Aficionado”

If you’re a History Lover, this city is one of the best destinations to study everything from art and culture to food and fashion. Beyond the not to be missed Eiffel, Musée d’Orsay, Louvre and Notre Dame, there are still a world of historical treasures to be seen. Spend as much or as little time museum hopping, as you like.

Parisians enjoy life without the rush. Sit at a cafe, take it all in, and people watch. Then begin your journey walking through the cobble stone streets lined with shops and markets, and  treat yourself to something nice.

Paris is the perfect destination to join the many single women who travel to the city of lights each year.  It’s one of the few places you’ll never feel odd eating alone. And, Paris is a relatively safe city that can be enjoyed anytime of year.

Although Paris has an easy transportation system, walking or biking is best to explore this beautiful city.  You can arrange for a bike tour through Bike About Bike Tours which is highly rated by travelers on Trip Advisor. Purchase the Paris City pass for free entry to over 60 of the most popular Paris attractions.

And download the Paris2Go App ($1.99  iPhone, iPad), which includes a City Guide with Offline Map, Subway/Métro map, 900 articles,  and over 4,200 Points of Interest.

4. Arizona “Spa Girl”

A Spa girl is in search of relaxation, health and wellness and the ultimate pampering experience. If you fit this profile, look no further than Arizona, where some of the best spas in the world are located.

Between Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, and Sedona, there are plenty of spa facilities to choose from. Most facilities are set in beautiful desert landscapes and feature a variety of services. From mud baths, mineral pools yoga retreats and soothing massages, a spa girl, traveling solo won’t have a hard time getting her much needed peace of mind.

Planning a trip to U.S. cities are great choices for solo travelers because you can avoid the stress of language barriers and culture shock. Plus, Arizona also offers a diverse experience.

Spend at least three to four days and check out the sights of the red canyons of Sedona, take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour and experience the Native American arts and culture scene.

5. New York ” Wandering Shopaholic”

Can anyone ever feel alone walking around the streets of New York City? People and public transportation are nearly on every street corner. If you love to shop, NYC is a shopaholic’s playground.  From countless shopping districts devoted to art, food, clothing, vintage, and fabric—you name it, there’s something to do for every style and budget.

For a taste of the big apple, tourist typically crowd Manhattan but don’t forget about Brooklyn–a totally different flavor but definitely worth a visit. Be prepared to let your mind wander, and walk a lot.

If you’re not too thrilled about eating alone, find a restaurant with seating around the bar or try NY’s happening Food Truck scene for a quick but tasty meal and get back to the streets.

Solo Travel Tips: Check out Time Out New York for a regularly updated list of sample sales and NY Magazine Top 25 Shopping Guide.

Also as a solo traveler, you also have a better chance at getting a last-minute deal on a Broadway show.

Which singles destination would you choose? Have you visited any of the destinations listed? Tell us about your experience.