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Beyoncé Fan Gets Smacked For Screaming During ‘Mute Challenge’

The Bey Hive is tired of the disrespect during Beyoncé’s “Mute Challenge” and is ready to lay the smackdown on whoever tries to destroy the unified moment.

A newly surfaced video from the Houston leg of Bey’s Renaissance tour stop on Sunday, September 24, shows what happened to one man who found it funny to let out a Rick Flair “woooo” during the “Mute Challenge” portion of the show.

The video clip appears to catch the moment one Beyoncé fan smacked the man who shouted out during the now-infamous “mute challenge” that’s been taking the “Renaissance” concert experience by storm. The man is seen holding his face after a woman issued the mighty blow that was heard loud and clear throughout the muted crowd.

Fans who watched the clip appeared to agree with the woman’s act.

“DESERVED IT LOLOL,” one person wrote.

“lmao AS THEY SHOULD!!” added someone else.

The “Mute Challenge” occurs when Beyoncé sings “Energy.” During the song, Bey sings the lyrics “Lo0ok around everybody on mute, look around just me and my crew. Big energy.”

Since the tour started in May, fans have made an entire moment out of the “Mute Challenge” and look forward to Beyoncé’s “look around everybody on mute” line. Cities have started competing on who has the best “Mute Challenge” with only those who can hold the silence in unison being deemed the victor.

With the “Mute Challenge” growing in popularity, anyone who seemingly tries to ruin the moment by shouting out is met with severe shade from the Bey Hive. Videos shared online have resulted in backlash to “Mute Challenge” offenders with some being chased off social media.

As Beyoncé inches closer to the end of her “Renaissance” tour, it’s best not to upset the Bey Hive by screaming during the “Mute Challenge.”


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