Beyoncé Fans Drag Trick Daddy For She ‘Can’t Sing,’ Comment + Jay-Z Diss

Somebody call 911 because Rapper Trick Daddy was stung and dragged for filth by the BeyHive after fixing his lips to say, “Beyonce can’t sing.”

The Miami-based, “Oh You Don’t Know Nann” rapper apparently didn’t know you can’t come for the Queen Bee after her online stans hit back at Trick’s criticism of the music mogul during an interview on the Clubhouse app this week, Newsweek reports.

Trick, whose government name is – Maurice Samuel Young— rubbed folks the wrong way with his unpopular analysis of Bey’s vocal abilities.

“Beyoncé ain’t trying to give back to music, and Beyoncé don’t write music,” he said. Before adding his kiss of death declaration: “Beyoncé can’t sing.”

He continued: “Beyoncé is to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York.”

Trick dug a deeper hole and took a shot at her rap husband Jay-Z by saying, Hova has “never won the greatest rapper alive” title. He went on to assert that New Yorkers were thirsty for a new hip hop star after the death of the Notorious B.I.G. And because of that they latched on to Jay-Z, he said.

“New York lost Biggie and they needed a hero,” Trick Daddy asserted.

Those comments got 46-year-old Trick Daddy immediately canceled by the BeyHive committee who reminded him about his decomposing musical career.

Another commenter attacked his career and his whole existence saying: “I forgot Trick Daddy even existed but did somebody leave him in the microwave to long or sum cause ikyfl. like sir in 15 years no one will barley if even remember you at all worry about that instead of two people leaps and bounds more talented and successful than you.”

Yet another commenter shared receipts to show that even his top artist, Trina, doesn’t think Trick has any relevancy.
“Ik damn well Trick Daddy ain’t talkin shit bout Beyoncé and Jay-Z like his ass relevant still. Let’s run this back…”

Even though Beyonce always keeps it classy and never responds to negativity, her legion of fans went on the defense and unleashed on Trick and littered his Instagram with a barrage of comments in support of the Queen Bee.

Trick’s debut album Based On a True Story, was released in 1997 when Beyonce was only 16. He’s more known for his popular duet “Nann N—,” featuring Trina, and “I’m a Thug.”

Here’s some audio of what Trick had to say.

At this point, he’s gonna need more than a defibrillator to resuscitate his career.