5 Reasons the Bey and Jay Brand Is Untouchable

5 Reasons the Bey and Jay Brand Is Untouchable

When TMZ released video footage of Beyoncé’s younger sister, Solange, attacking brother-in-law Jay Z, the Internet went into a frenzy. The duo, who many have labeled as the “perfect couple,” was having their family drama put on display, thanks to a leaked elevator video from the Standard Hotel in New York City. Social media and news outlets alike went crazy with speculations about what could have caused Solange to attack her sister’s husband, and countless memes about the trio popped up on everybody’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook timelines.

While it’s completely normal for every family to have their fair share of drama, the Carters have mastered the art of keeping their personal lives very private and maintaining a nearly flawless public image. And although the leaked video may have given TMZ one point against the couple, below are five reasons why it’s going to take more than that to faze the Carter empire.

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1. Their PR team is one of the best. Only a well-run public relations machine can take credit for Bey and Jay having a seemingly perfect life. It’s been reported that their team is so thorough, they will even ask you to take down a candid performance picture if they find it unflattering.

Unlike other celebrities whose private matters are rarely ever left private, especially in this age of social media, the Carters have done an excellent job in letting their public image be all about their music and career moves. The recent incident is the first time in six years of their marriage that any confirmed knowledge has spilled out regarding the couple’s personal issues, and we won’t be surprised if it’s the last. Also, the odds of the Carters releasing a statement about this incident are non-existent, as they know the best way to quiet the chatter is to say nothing at all.

2. Media outlets can’t afford to jeopardize their Carter relationship. You can bet your last buck that the next media interview that Bey, Jay, or Solange does will be about their work and work only. Very few celebrities have the star power of the Carters to control what the media put out about them. If Oprah couldn’t even get in a question about Beyoncé’s new little brother during her sit down with the pop star, what makes you think any other media outlet will be daring enough to question the Carters about the family altercation? Any story involving the duo equals clicks, likes, shares, and ultimately dollar signs for media outlets and there’s no way that any of the major media companies are willing to jeopardize that.

3. Their fans are ride-or-die. Have you ever been caught in the crossfire of the Beyhive? Ever disagreed on Jay being one of the greatest rappers of all time? When it comes to fan loyalty, Bey and Jay have to be at the top of the list. Any career moves they make will be greatly supported and patronized by their fans worldwide.

4. Their million-dollar business connections are untouchable. How many other artists have banks entering million-dollar bidding wars to sponsor their tour? What other hip-hop businessman is closing $5 million Samsung deals to announce his new album? Is there any other hip-hop artist who has appeared on the cover of Forbes with billionaire Warren Buffet, further solidifying his close ties to businessmen of the elite class? Clearly, Jay Z and his wife have made career moves that put them in a different bracket from most, and it’s going to take more than this video to taint these relationships.

5. Their “On The Run” tour is already a success and it hasn’t even started. The couple’s upcoming tour is one of the most anticipated events this summer, with pre-sale tickets selling out within minutes. And despite an average resale ticket price of a whopping $342.67, the demands for Jay and Bey are through the roof. So much so, that the music duo just announced they’re adding more shows to the tour, further proving that no family drama will get in the way of their coins.

UPDATE: Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange released a statement to the Associated Press on May 15th stating: “Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.”