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Beyoncé ‘Renaissance Tour’ Merch On Sale In Amazon Music Capsule Collection

You don’t have to attend Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour to get your hands on merch as Amazon Music has got you covered.

On Wednesday, August 16, Amazon Music released another capsule from their exclusive Renaissance Tour online merch collection. The third of four capsules, the latest collection includes five special pieces.

Bey Hivers can get their hands on the “On Air Icon Tee,” a $35 black t-shirt with a photo of Beyoncé’s face on the front and symbols related to the “Renaissance” tour showcased on the back. The “On Air Dad Hat” retails for $30 and reads “On Air” on the front and “RWT2023” on the back.

The “On Air” and “Renaissance Icon” hoodie both retail for $65 with the “On Air” hoodie coming in black and listing various tour stops on the back. The “Renaissance Icon” hoodie has “Renaissance World Tour” on one side and the tour symbols on the other. A $30 “On Air Icon” tote has the same design as the “Renaissance Icon” hoodie.

Items from the first two capsules are also available with clothing dedicated to singles from “Renaissance” including “Virgo’s Groove,” “Heated,” and “Alien Superstar.” The capsules are adding to the financial success of Beyoncé’s latest world tour.

The “Renaissance” world tour is on track to becoming the highest-grossing tour of Beyoncé’s career with the decorated Grammy award-winner estimated to make over $2 billion, Fortune reports. Her tour stops have also helped boost local economies including her latest stop in Atlanta that brought a $10 million boost to the city.

“Beyoncé is a force, and it’s fascinating to see the level of excitement and tangible interest generated for the local shops and businesses as her tour kicks off,” Tara Lewis, Yelp’s trend expert, said.

“Whether it’s people looking for dining and nightlife options, getting glammed up, or booking transportation, the ‘Beyoncé Bump’ is real, and it’s helping more people connect with local businesses in their communities.”

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