Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks To Bring Philly’s Flavor To Florida With Strategic Expansion

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks To Bring Philly’s Flavor To Florida With Strategic Expansion

Big Dave's Cheesesteaks announced a strategic expansion plan in partnership with former Pepsi president to open 10 locations in Florida.

Philadelphia’s legendary cheesesteak flavor is primed to captivate the Sunshine State as Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks unveiled an ambitious expansion strategy on Dec. 20 via Instagram. The franchise’s collaboration with former Pepsi President Derek Lewis was unveiled during a special event hosted at Breakfast at Barneys in Atlanta, marking a significant step toward bringing the authentic taste of Philly to multiple locations across Florida, as reported by The Quintessential Gentleman.

In 2020, Derrick Hayes, the originator of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, embarked on a capital-seeking mission for his business. During this pivotal assembly, he crossed paths with Lewis, a former Pepsi executive, establishing a connection that would evolve into a strategic partnership. The primary objective: to extend the reach of the adored cheesesteaks to a wider audience.

Hayes, an enthusiast for his Philly roots, couldn’t contain his excitement, stating, “When this man said Pepsi out his mouth, I could not shut up because I’m from Philly. And that’s what we drink.” The impromptu connection resulted in Lewis visiting one of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks locations just two days later.

Lewis expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We’re here tonight to really kick off what’s going to be a partnership. When you announced the franchising deal, I was very intrigued by that, I was very excited about that, for one, because now you get a chance to put all of your hard work and scale.”

Lewis has committed to opening at least 10 locations in southern Florida as part of the franchise agreement.

Reflecting on his journey, Hayes highlighted his rise from challenging circumstances.

“I came from the Ghet-to. Like, when you bought your house in the ’70s and you paid $7,500, ghetto,” he said.

Lewis shared his pride in achieving generational success, noting that his children now live in a country club. The expansion to Florida is not only a significant milestone for Hayes but also a testament to his determination to build a legacy.

With the strategic partnership with Lewis, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks aims to become a household name in Florida, promising to bring the authentic flavors of Philadelphia to a new and diverse audience.

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