Black Blogger Month 2012: Small Biz Lady Melinda F. Emerson Succeed As Your Own Boss

Black Blogger Month: Succeed As Your Own Boss, The Small Biz Lady

SBU Expert Melinda Emerson Talks Picking an accountant

Melinda F. Emerson, aka the Small Biz Lady, founder of Succeed As Your Own Boss (Image: Emerson Corey Cottrell)

As the economy struggles to rebuild itself, many individuals are discovering that entrepreneurship may be the best way to build sustaining wealth. One of the top resources for those seeking to make this transition is Succeed As Your Own Boss. Founded by small business expert, Melinda F. Emerson a.k.a. Small Biz Lady, the site has become an award-winning guide for entrepreneurs all over the world. The 39-year-old’s honors include the 2012 Most Influential Female Online by Hawke Management, the 2012 Social Media Star Award from her base of operations city’s, Philadelphia Business Journal and recently signed on to the New York Times‘ “You’re the Boss” team. Currently, the site boasts monthly traffic of over 35,000 and Emerson’s brand reaches 1.5 million per week through social medial platforms and syndication partner, the Huffington Post.

Concurrently, Emerson is also the CEO of Quintessence Multimedia, a full service strategic communications firm that has handled campaigns for Verizon, Johnson & Johnson and Radio-One. In addition, she is the bestselling author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works. When she is not occupied with the aforementioned endeavors, Emerson can be found sharing her expertise via outlets such as MSNBC and the New York Times. Today, she offers her insights into success in the digital space as part of‘s second annual Black Blogger Month.

I started blogging …

To build a platform be known as a small business expert. As a small business expert, my mission is to end small business failure. I blog to help people start and grow profitable and sustainable small businesses.

Succeed As Your Own Boss stands out because…

The content on my blog is focused on “how to” information. I give actionable advice that is relatable to today’s small business owners. Not only do I highlight my own expertise, my weekly content always includes a Q&A interview with another subject matter expert in some aspect of small business.

The main ingredients of a great small business owner are…

Someone who knows their customer, constantly innovates, and under promises and over delivers on customer service.

The biggest hurdle any small business owner will face is…

Staying focused. Most business owners have adult ADHD and there are lots of people out here to try to take advantage of people with dreams of being in business. Everyone needs a singular goal to be laser focused on. Mine is being America’s No. 1 small business expert.

The biggest influencers in my life are…

My parents. My mother was a serial entrepreneur, and my late father was a career salesperson. The most important thing I learned from my father was that I could do anything. The most important thing I learned from my mother was that if you are not charging people enough you have an expensive hobby. In terms of bloggers, I greatly admire Anita Campbell from She believes in blogging as a business and her content is excellent.

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