Black Couple Owns Fastest-Growing Crab Pot Restaurant in the South

Black Couple Owns Fastest-Growing Crab Pot Restaurant in the South

Mr. 3’s Crab Pot
Rod and Rana Brown (Source:

Mr. 3’s Crab Pot, a black-owned chain of seafood restaurants, is the fastest-growing crab pot restaurant chain in the South. What sets this restaurant apart is it uses seafood from local resources before combining that seafood with comfort food.

Not only that, but according to, Mr. 3’s makes it a point to serve “underserved” communities, providing them with employment opportunities and teaching them financial independence.

The owners of Mr. 3’s Crab Pot, Rod and Rana Brown, have always strived to provide solutions through business. The Browns started their portfolio with real estate investment and renovation, becoming well-known in their community for offering affordable housing through their real estate.

Although they had success in real estate, the Browns desired to go into a business that would provide better financial security for their family. Because the Browns were foodies, they realized there was a severe lack of fresh seafood in low-income areas. That’s where Mr. 3’s Crab Pot comes in.

Mr. 3’s Crab Pot started as a mobile food trailer in the parking lot of a large retail store. The couple’s family recipes became a huge hit with customers.

It didn’t take long for Mr. 3’s Crab Pot to become more than a food trailer. The Browns soon bought an abandoned building and transformed it into their first brick-and-mortar location in Rana’s childhood neighborhood of Thomasboro, NC. The restaurant became well-known for its amazing cuisine and warm customer service.

The Browns go beyond providing delicious food; they provide their community with jobs as well as extensive knowledge in business management, real estate, and ownership. The Browns aren’t just owners of this fast-growing chain, but they are true inspirations for their community.