BLACK ENTERPRISE is more than a business or a publication. For years, BE has led in uplifting and educating the Black community on business and finance. Led by visionary, businessman, and philanthropist Earl G. Graves, BE has remained a reliable source for Black America.

BE is not only a Black legacy magazine, it is a Black family legacy.  Earl G. Graves Sr., the original CEO, led the charge and often spoke directly to readers through his “Publisher’s Page” column. The Graves family continues to steer the ship, making sure that Black culture is highlighted and celebrated. BE stays at the forefront past, present and will remain a pillar far into the future, keeping our community up to date on business, culture, politics and more. BE is Black History.


The inception of BE is history. The end of the Civil Rights Movement marked a time of hope and progress for Black Americans. Establishing a space where business-minded Black people could learn, grow, and promote Black business was revolutionary. Earl Graves Sr. saw an opportunity to create a space for those people while also joining the small yet mighty Black publishing sphere.

BE’s Role In Women’s Activism: 

BE’s claim to fame is business news, but the magazine is sure to include all aspects of Black life in it’s coverage. Politics is one such area. BE’s mission to uplift the community as it amplified the political voice of women. Regular editorials about the National Black Women’s Political Caucus were the norm. The caucus, founded by notable activists Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and Fannie Lou Hamer, centered the political discourse prominent to women of the time. BE was a platform proud to amplify the message

Source: Photo by History Makers

Earl Graves Sr. In Conversation With Julien Bond:  

BE is nothing without the leadership and vision of Earl G. Graves Sr. Beyond creating BE, Graves’ life is one of extraordinary commitment to excellence, civil service, and community upliftment. As such, Graves sat down for a candid conversation with Julien Bond to give insight into the life of a business titan. Graves spoke about his time at HBCU Morgan State University, working for Robert Kennedy, meeting his wife Barbara Kydd Graves, and the founding of BE

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Interview “BE Our World” Senator Obama: 

Before people around the world adopted the slogan “Yes We Can,” and before Barack Obama became the first Black President of the United States of America, BE was there. BE sat down with then-Senator Barack Obama to discuss “his current political strategy for his race to the White House. Plus, we discuss HIV and AIDS in the black community and why more women are vulnerable.” BE peeled back the curtain of the Illinois Junior Senator and his mission to uplift Americans.

Source: Photo by Black Enterprise

BE 100 List: 

Early in BE’s publishing journey the idea of the Top 100 came about. BE took on the daunting and meticulous task of curating the Top 100 Black companies in America. Visionaries such as Bob Johnsons of BET Networks and Clarence Smith, Essence Communications are just a couple of past honorees. The BE 100 has since become a guide for companies doing great business in all aspects: customer service, revenue, DEI practices, and quality product. 

Kamala Harris, VP, election, AME Church
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Senator Kamala Harris Women Of Power Summit: 

BE’s championing of women in politics continued into the new century. At the 2019 BE Women Of Power Summit, BE spoke with Senator Kamala Harris. Soon to be Vice President Harris spoke about being a “‘joyful warrior’ and talked about her plan to reform the country.”

BE 40 Under 40: 

BE’s 40 Under 40 highlights the business men and women who are next up. The list gives insight into how Black business is ever-evolving. The 40 people under the age of 40 represent the future. As the world moves further into the technology age, new industries arise leaving room for fresh ideas. Many on the 40 Under 40 list represent a new wave of ideas and business opportunities that will help create new jobs and generational wealth. The 2023 40 Under 40 list  features notable businesswomen and men such as: Dasia Taylor, Scientist, Founder & CEO, VariegateHealth; Ambre Stanford , U.S. Head of CAA Social Impact, Creative Artists Agency; and Rashad Bilal, Co-Founder, Earn Your Leisure.

BE Disruptors Summit: 

The Disruptors Summit was created as a way to highlight change-makers and radical thinkers in the business world. Hosted in Atlanta, the summit pulled together foreword thinkers in an attempt to learn how they helped shake up their prospective industries . Pinky Cole, Founder of The Slutty Vegan, was present at last year’s summit, sharing business gems.