Black Female Branding Strategist Launches Workbook That Teaches Entrepreneurs How To Build A Brand Asset Worth Millions

Maya Gray, founder and CEO of Day Dream Design Firm, a Little Rock, Arkansas-based branding company, is now teaching entrepreneurs how to build a brand asset worth millions to new and emerging businesses.

The Day Dream Design Firm is a company specializing in brand strategy, website development, and social media branding for service providers. As of today, the company is offering its workbook to take advantage of professional and high-quality branding, which otherwise may not have been possible for early-stage companies.

Maya comments, “Branding encompasses business operations, marketing strategies, customer and competition analysis, as well as the design aspect. We are currently building relationships nationwide to connect our clients with resources that help them grow their businesses.”

Day Dream Design Firm has been around since 2018 and has helped countless small to midsize businesses throughout the U.S. to gain access to luxury branding services at an affordable price.

In his statement, Kevin Williams of Arkansas Black Businesses said, “Maya created a brand that is a million-dollar brand for Arkansas Black Businesses.” She revamped the brand, and I don’t cry often, but I’m telling you, I was in tears. It was that good.”

The company has a mission to empower entrepreneurs to live their legacy lifestyle by creating brands that are strategically designed to endure throughout generations. One way the company helps the community is by offering the “7 Questions You Never Asked Yourself About Your Brand”. The firm offers this workbook at no cost to business owners and entrepreneurs.

‘Always Give Back’ is one of our core values. When I was 17 years old, my church needed exposure but couldn’t afford to hire a graphic designer, let alone a marketing team. The church wanted to attract new members and increase enrollment. Unfortunately, I was unable to assist my church. This motivated me to pursue a career in brand development. “This design firm is dedicated to a meaningful part in the success stories of others who are also striving to make a positive impact in the world,” said Gray.

For more information about how to access Day Dream Design Firm’s workbook, visit 7 Questions You Never Asked Yourself About Your Brand.

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