Black Mompreneur and Her 4 Kids Launch Successful Gourmet Popcorn Brand

Meet Shaunese Alexander and her four children — Destiny, Trinity, Serenity, and Joshua — the founders of Popcorn Munchies, one of the fastest-growing Black-owned gourmet popcorn brands in the country.

Their Maryland-based company’s most popular specialty is their caramelized pecan flavor.

How they started out

It all started when the kids, especially Joshua, realized that they loved eating popcorn while watching movies at home. Their mom eventually decided to purchase a popcorn machine so that they could make popcorn similar to how it’s done in movie theaters. Shortly after, they were experimenting with recipes and landed on the best one, caramel. “It was so good,” Shaunese says, “that we decided to share it with neighbors, friends, and family. They loved it so much that we began receiving more and more requests to make it.”

When the pandemic began, the kids say they had no other choice but to stay home and be bored. But Shaunese did not let their valuable time go to waste. She encouraged them to perfect the craft, learn the entire process from start to finish, and start their very own gourmet popcorn business. Not long after, Popcorn Munchies was born!

Running a family business

When their business officially launched, they quickly began fulfilling nationwide orders via shipping and also making personal deliveries to local customers who happen to live nearby. So far, the business has been an overnight success with continuous orders.

For the children, it has especially been a blessing to work with their mom and also to see their hard work pay off doing something they love. And no doubt, the business lessons they are learning will turn them all into future entrepreneurs on a bigger level when they get older.

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