Black Moms Have More Access to Doulas Thanks to $500K Partnership with Baby Dove

Black Moms Have More Access to Doulas Thanks to $500K Partnership with Baby Dove

Conversations regarding Black maternal health are no longer limited to the circles of Black women.

Chanel Porchia-Albert, the founder of the Ancient Song Doula Services, has partnered with Baby Dove to expand her mission of providing adequate healthcare for Black mothers. Her doula services offer training for those interested in becoming future doulas while focusing on advocacy and educating the community.

Porchia-Albert’s personal experiences as a mother of six gave rise to her awareness of the importance of mothers being seen and heard during the birthing process. Her desire to be a voice for Black mothers prompted her journey as a doula, holding on to her belief that the pregnancy and delivery process for women should be healthy. This has led the advocate toward finding alternatives to the traditional medical system.

“Our mission has always been about reducing or eliminating the infant maternal mortality rate,” Porchia-Albert TOLD Essence.

“Things have changed since I first started. Now, we are in a space where people are curious, more conversations are taking place around Black maternal health, and the word doula is something more people have heard about.”

The partnership with Baby Dove has allowed the doula organization to provide more information regarding doula support to a larger audience. Raising awareness to advance care for Black mothers during the birth and postpartum process is a major part of Porchia-Albert’s mission.

“Partnering with Baby Dove allows me to have a broader range and answer people’s questions,” she continued. “And the Black Equity Fund is another way to help make doula services even more accessible to everyone.”

Neha Minj, brand director and head of operations and engagement for Baby Dove shared, “As a brand that encourages all parents to care with confidence, we are committed to making care for Black moms accessible and equitable.”

“Doulas can offer advocacy and support to Black birthing individuals who have not received the care they deserve.”

According to studies, a woman’s birth plan can dramatically decrease the need for C-sections and epidurals with support from a doula. Porchia-Albert believes there is still work to do as she shared in the documentary, Aftershock.

Baby Dove’s Black Birth Equity Fund will raise its initial investment from $250,000 to $500,000 to expand its commitment to funding Black expecting mothers’ access to doula services. In addition, the partnership will include the new series #DearDoula to provide content and share answers regarding common questions related to pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum care, and doula services.