This Black Mother Is Organizing a March to D.C. to Stop the Killing of Black Women and Girls

This Black Mother Is Organizing a March to D.C. to Stop the Killing of Black Women and Girls

A nurse and mother of four daughters, Rosalind Page, is fed up with Black women being killed.

Unfortunately, these tragic events are something that Page knows a lot about. Roughly seven years ago, she became aware that Black women and girls appeared to be dying at the hands of others at an “unacceptable rate,” according to the Washington Post.

“Not that any rate is acceptable,” she told the Washington Post. “But it was such a high rate I couldn’t understand why nothing was being said or done about it.”

She began tracking the deaths years ago and has social media information, including names and photos of Black women and girls lost to violence, that emerged successively.

According to the Washington Post, her findings include Hope Cutts, a 43-year-old woman killed on Christmas Eve. Another is Aziya Matthews, a 3-year-old murdered on Dec. 20. Other females—ranging in age from 16 to 26 to 54—are included in the set.

Now, Page, 52, is taking matters into her own hands. She intends to make the bad situation known in Washington, D.C., by organizing a march to the nation’s capital, tentatively slated for later this year.

“D.C. is the hub of political activity in America,” Page told the Washington Post. “D.C. is where people go to discuss issues in America.”

For Page, her wish is that the march will gain help from the local Black community, result in national media reports, and prompt lawmakers with the legal and policy influence to help change matters by taking steps to do so.

“I started this project as a labor of love, and it has turned into something much bigger than I foresaw,” Page wrote on GoFundMe, where she is doing a march fundraiser. So far, $25,440 has been raised of a $30,000 goal based on the latest fundraising drive.  

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