Black Orthodontist Offered $150K ‘Shark Tank’ Deal for Big Mouth Toothbrush

Black Orthodontist Offered $150K ‘Shark Tank’ Deal for Big Mouth Toothbrush

She’s the first Black woman orthodontist to design a toothbrush.

After a successful appearance on Shark Tank, Dr. Bobbi Peterson made an impact with her Big Mouth Toothbrush, an innovative design that landed her a $150,000 deal from a Shark investor.

Peterson entered the tank looking to snag a deal for $150,000 for 10% of her company. After an effective presentation, the Brooklyn professional landed a deal from investor Barbara Corcoran worth $150,000 for 20% of her company and $2 from every sold unit.

“The process is stressful, but no one can present your brand or product and speak with such passion as you can,” Peterson said. “The Sharks are people, too! They are self-made millionaires or billionaires, and they have all been in that position before. The best way to pitch is to talk about your brand while also incorporating a bit of who you are. Sharks are not just buying into your brand. They are buying into who you are and your passion for what you own!”

Peterson’s toothbrush offers a thorough and efficient cleaning through an extra-large head and bristles that are three times the size of a typical toothbrush. The features help cover areas of the teeth and gums simultaneously.

“I hope that my appearance on Shark Tank expands my local impact to a global impact in terms of not only improving oral health care but also serving as a reflection for the next generation,” she said. “Many people think that something like this is unattainable. I’m hoping to change that narrative for the younger generation that looks like me!”


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In 2022, the second-generation, HBCU-educated dentist, who runs her own dental practice, Aces Braces, told BLACK ENTERPRISE that she designed Big Mouth to give people an actual tool to improve their self-esteem and “enhance their impact for every first impression.”

Reportedly, the design sold out within 24 hours of the episode’s airing.

The Big Mouth Toothbrush is available for pre-order online.