Black-Owned Beignet Company, Walmart

Black-Owned Beignet Company Now In 200 Walmart Stores Thanks To Retailer’s Annual ‘Open Call’

Georgia residents Heidi and Micah Stampley have a big reason to celebrate. Their Orleans Foods Authentic Beignet and Baking Mix is now sold in over 200 Walmart stores across five Southern states thanks to the retailer’s annual “open call” event, WSB-TV reports.

“It’s just exciting to see your dream actually in a bowl,” Heidi says.

The beignet recipe, created by her husband over two weeks, was so perfect that the excited couple pitched it to the superstore’s annual “Open Call,” which allows entrepreneurs from all over the nation to pitch their ready-made products to Walmart.

After the Stampleys closed their Fayette County restaurant right before the COVID-19 lockdown, they felt betting it all on another big dream would give them the push they needed. So, the Louisiana natives mass-produced the baking mix. Now their products are in stores across Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

“Is this real? Because you’ve been going into Walmart all your life getting Duncan Hines and icing. All these things are there. And then my product is tucked right there in the middle!” Heidi told WSB-TV.

The Walmart annual open call has existed for a decade to offer small businesses a chance of a lifetime. The retailer made a commitment to American workers with an additional $350 billion investment into products “made, grown or assembled in America, supporting creation of over 750,000 U.S. jobs,” according to the company’s website.

During the event, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to pitch Walmart and/or Sam’s Club merchants in order to have their products sold by the retailers. The belief is that a vested interest in supporting American manufacturing will give way to more job creation.

Entrepreneurs can apply to be part of the Walmart Marketplace, which allows approved sellers to place their products on