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Black-Owned Tattoo Shop Makes Giving Back Part Of Its Business Practices

Since its establishment, Axe of Kindness has been dedicating a portion of its profits to charity organizations in Rochester, NY.

A tattoo shop in Rochester, New York, is doing more than design work. Axe Of Kindness donates at least 10% of its gross income to nonprofits dedicated to uplifting the community.

The shop’s owner, Adrien Moses Clark, started the business for his skillset and desire to help. Now, he is helping support over eight of Rochester’s charitable organizations. On Axe of Kindness’ website, he further explains this purpose combined with passion.

“AOK was born of a love of tattooing and the immense desire to answer a call from within to do more for the underprivileged, underserved, and all of those in need of help in our community,” the website details. We welcome tolerant, accepting, and reasonable humans from all walks of life to be a part of this journey with us, and we wish you well along the path.”

The space is meant for those who love tattoo designs and support good causes. Officially over a year in business, Clark continues to build up his clientele that share his values. Fostering that community through social media and word-of-mouth was critical to his expansion. He has since added two other tattoo artists to his roster, renovating the shop as it grows.

The organizations who have benefited from his mission, including the Bivona Child Advocacy Center, said the community is “lucky” to have someone like Clark with this giving mindset.

“He is amazing,” said Bridget Martin, the center’s director of development. “Adrien is an incredible supporter because he truly understands our mission. Not only does he provide financial support, he uses his voice to inform others of the work we do…This community is lucky to have him in it.”

Some might doubt a business’s longevity with an ingrained practice of giving to charity. However, Clark is living proof that charity as the focus of one’s business can still lead to success.

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