Black-Owned ‘Total Peace & Wellness’ Helps Spread CBD Education and Awareness

Black-Owned ‘Total Peace & Wellness’ Helps Spread CBD Education and Awareness

The knowledge of CBD (Cannabidiol) products is as widespread as the lack of awareness for such products. According to Pittsburgh City Paper, newly opened black-owned CBD store Total Peace & Wellness educate its consumers about the products they want to purchase.

Total Peace & Wellness, located in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, celebrated its grand opening on Oct. 25. Store owners Rhonda Broadway and Carlos Smith are seeking to help people by not only providing high-quality CBD products but they are also spreading CBD education and awareness for them as well.

“We’re really focused on providing education about CBD in the community,” Broadway tells City Paper. On the Total Peace & Wellness website, there is an informative blog included to try to keep customers informed of the virtues of CBD.

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“You can take CBD, you can take gummies, you can take the tincture,” says Broadway. “But the absorption rate isn’t that great, so you’re putting this tincture under your tongue and a lot of people are not feeling the reaction from it, and it’s because you’re not really absorbing it in the blood.”

“I saw a lot of CBD stands and didn’t really know much about it, and I purchased CBD tinctures from the events,” says Broadway. “Some were good, some were bad. After researching companies and how CBD works with our bodies, I was able to find quality products that work well for me.

“What it did for my body and my stress, and how it helped relieve my symptoms, was something that I had never experienced before. It really helped me work in my daily life without having that stress level,” she adds. “I was just fascinated by CBD and how it works if it’s really good quality. I really wanted to spread that awareness to other people.”

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Not only does the store provide products and education for its consumers, it also educates on how CBD can work with pets and it includes an informational guide for how it can be used for different ailments (arthritis, seizures, cancer, etc.), and how much to use based on the animal’s weight and size.

The store also makes monthly donations based on 5% of Total Peace & Wellness’s sales to select nonprofit organizations. In October, a donation was made to The Essie Justice Group, which works with women of color who have family members that are incarcerated.

For November, the planned donation is slated to go to Students for Sensible Drug Policy, which has a chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

To find out more information about the store and educational awareness, visit Total Peace & Wellness.