Black-Owned Toy Company Launches Naturalistas ‘Crown And Coils’ Fashion Styling Head Set On Amazon

Black-Owned Toy Company Launches Naturalistas ‘Crown And Coils’ Fashion Styling Head Set On Amazon

Purpose Toys launched a new product with its Naturalistas line of dolls in honor of World Afro Day on Sept. 15. The Black-owned toy company created a new styling head, the Naturalistas Peety Deluxe “Crown and Coils” styling head.

The CEO of Purpose Toys, DeeDee Wright-Ward, created the Naturalistas doll line and said in a press release that the company aims to represent natural hair.

“From the standpoint of authentically representing distinctively Black characteristics, many doll products marketed to Black children don’t often reflect their beautiful coils, curls or natural hair color, which can inadvertently send the message that hair that looks like theirs isn’t equally valued. We want to change this.”

The Naturalistas CEO also noted that the new styling head was created for children with type-4 hair, and the kit includes 20 accessories with an educational tool that teaches natural hair management.

“With the ‘Crown and Coils’ set featuring 20 culturally-curated hair accessories, namely our signature Crown Afro Pick and Crown Braid Barrels, our Styling-Heads are a loving nod to the experience of growing up as children who spend a great deal of their lives in variations of culture-based hairstyles,” she wrote. “With Afro-textured hair being a distinct identifier, our hair and styles are more than simple trends, but a unique representation of our incomparable culture.”

Wright-Ward also noted her partnership with Amazon for the new “Crown and Coils” style head. “With the support of Amazon and the exclusive release of ‘Crown and Coils,’ Naturalistas continues to make history as the first all Black, culture-driven fashion doll line to not only center and celebrate children with coily and curly hair, but also to highlight the beautiful nuances of Natural Black Hair.”

The styling heads cost $29.99 and feature distinctly Black natural hair textures and culturally familiar facial features. The Naturalistas line also has styling heads for hair type-3C.