Could This Be The Only Black-Owned Trampoline Park?

Gravity Indoor Trampoline Park is a family entertainment indoor park that is owned and operated by the Williamses, an African American family. Trampoline parks have exploded into a $1 billion industry with upwards of 700 parks globally. The Williamses saw a unique opportunity to provide this fun experience for people in their community. “Being able to have a family-owned business that not only services young people and their families, but that is also community driven is a lifelong dream,” says Lawrence Williams who operates the park with his wife, mother, and sister.


“Part of that dream is being able to leave a legacy for my children. Faith, family, and service are the cornerstones for how we as a family lead our lives.”

Williams is a native of Decatur, Georgia, who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to work with young people. Lawrence’s educational background and business experience combined with more than 15 years of experience with youth engagement, has created a long-awaited opportunity.

(Counter-clockwise from bottom left: Lawrence Williams, Kenitra Williams, Lauren Williams, and Gwendolyn Shumate-Williams. Photo Credit: Cherelle Scott with Snappy Diva)

Selling an experience—not a product—has allowed Lawrence to tap into his entrepreneurial skillset while enlisting the unique abilities of his family members. The trampoline park industry has doubled in size annually from 2013 to 2016. CNBC reports that one millennial entrepreneur made $240 million in revenue from his Sky Zone chain of trampoline parks.

Lawrence is using every piece of knowledge he has gained throughout his career. “As a young African American male that successfully wears the hats of a family man, a new business owner, running a non-profit, and working with young male athletes every day in Fulton County Schools, I have to be on my game,” he said. “I live with the expectation that I was created by greatness and excellence, therefore, I have a duty and responsibility to produce greatness and excellence in some form every single day.”  

Family fun, health and wellness, and community engagement are all things you can expect to experience when visiting Gravity Indoor Trampoline Park. From the seven trampoline attractions to the arcades and parent lounge, Gravity Indoor Trampoline is a place where people of all ages come together.

(A birthday party held at the indoor park: Instagram)

“My family and I didn’t start Gravity Indoor Trampoline Park just to help create financial wealth for our family, but also so that we could take the seed of Gravity and impact our community. It will be through this seed that our family legacy will outlive us.”

So is this the only black-owned trampoline park? Well, a quick Google search shows an Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park listed with—but it’s difficult to verify beyond that. Safe to say the Williamses run one of the country’s likely handful of black-owned trampoline parks.