Black-Owned, Victor George Spirits Signs Multi State Deal With the Nation’s Second Largest Distributor

Black-Owned, Victor George Spirits Signs Multi State Deal With the Nation’s Second Largest Distributor

Victor George Spirits (VGS) announced they have entered into an agreement for its portfolio of brands to be distributed by Republic National Distributing Company, the nation’s second-largest distributor. Initial states include California, Georgia, Arizona and Kentucky.

VGS is one of the fastest-growing Black-owned spirits companies in the United States. Its award-winning Victor George “VG” Vodka is currently distributed in 45 states and its Fort Mose’ 1738 Bourbon has been picked up in seven states in less than four months since its initial launch.

Having only had distribution in Florida for the first part of 2020 and then the call to action to support Black-owned brands, Victor George Vodka quickly became requested and rapidly expanded across the country.

(Image: Courtesy of Victor George Spirits)

“We took this as an opportunity to research those really committed to this type of support and wanted to work with those companies,” said Victor G. Harvey, CEO of Victor George Spirits.

“RNDC is one of those companies who is not only committed but has a clear vision for creating successful partnerships with Black owned brands, we are grateful for this opportunity.” 

In June of this year VGS released its first bourbon whiskey, Fort Mose’ 1738 named after the first settlement in the United States allowing Black people to live freely. Fort Mose’ was offered exclusively online for the first week and has made sales every day since its release. This online demand quickly caught the attention of distributors and retailers across the United States.

This month VGS released its first flavored vodka, Victor George Caramel Vodka. This flavorful brand extension makes the perfect choice for those looking to add unique cocktails to their menus.

Harvey added, “Our goal is to be the largest Black owned Spirits Company in the United States by 2025.”

“We have our work cut out for us but we are up for the challenge and with great distribution and retail partners we know we will achieve our goal.”

In November of 2021 Harvey was awarded $2.45 million dollars by the Fort Lauderdale Community Redevelopment Agency to build Fort Lauderdale’s first Black owned distillery. Project plans have been expanded to an 18,000 square foot building housing a distillery, restaurant, cigar lounge and rooftop patio and lounge. Groundbreaking will be by the end of this year.

Victor George Vodka is carried by most major retailers across the U.S. such as Total Wine, Kroger, Trader Joe’s and others. Retail price is $19.99 for 750ml and $28.99 for 1.75L. Fort Mose’ retails for $44.99.

For more information about Victor George Vodka, please visit or follow the brand on Instagram @vgvodka

For more information about Fort Mose’ 1738 Bourbon, please visit or follow the brand on Instagram @fortmosewhiskey.