This Black-Owned Vision Company Offers More Than Just Basic Contact Lens

This Black-Owned Vision Company Offers More Than Just Basic Contact Lens

Black Pearl Vision, the world’s only Black-owned and woman-owned contact lens manufacturer, is making history one acquisition at a time.

In less than a year, the Sarasota, Florida-based company has acquired another content lens manufacturer and expanded its signature Extreme H2O product line. According to a press release, the company has fully absorbed Ireland-based color contact lens manufacturer PolyDev, now offering opaque color contact lenses in toric, plano, and spherical parameters.

As stated on the company’s website, PolyDev is the manufacturer behind the innovative TORIColors, the only disposable color contacts for patients with astigmatism. Now, the company has powered these base lenses with Extreme H2O, stunning colors, proven comfort, and outstanding visual quality. Add color to your lenses with TORIColors’ blue, green, grey, or amber.

“There’s limitless potential for this expansion as we continue broadening our footprint in the vision industry and improving eye health for those who are underserved or underrepresented,” said Dr. Shante’ Williams, CEO of Black Pearl Vision, in a statement.

“The work of our incredible team and partners will help strengthen our expertise in research and development to provide more options for contact lens wearers.”

As part of the deal, PolyDev’s 2,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Dunleer, Ireland, is anticipated to have a new home with the company by June.

For Black Pearl Vision, recognizing the potential of other companies forwards its mission.

Last year, Black Pearl Global Investments— the Black-owned asset management firm focused on reducing health disparities globally—acquired Florida-based contact lens manufacturer Hydrogel Vision Corp. (HVC). HVC, a division of Clerio Vision, is best known for its Extreme H20 contact lenses. As a result of the acquisition, HVC was renamed Black Pearl Vision and became the first of its kind.

Through the deal, Black Pearl Global Investments retained HVC’s 38 employees while increasing the number of jobs in the area. They have also occupied Sarasota’s 33,926-square-foot Food and Drug Administration-regulated manufacturing facility.