Founders of Black-Owned Eyewear Line Make History, Sign Licensing Deal With Nickelodeon

Meet Nancey Harris and Tracy Green, the founders of Vontélle, the first Black women-owned eyewear company to have established a partnership with Paramount and Nickelodeon. Their licensing deal allows them to exclusively make fashion-forward eyewear products for kids using popular characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Baby Shark, and Rugrats.

For their accomplishments in business, they were recently featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Nancey comments, “We are thrilled to announce our three-year partnership with Paramount. We are proud to be the first African-American women-owned eyewear company to have such a deal.”

Vontélle is committed to creating eyewear that celebrates the African diaspora. Tracy comments, “Vontélle was founded to satisfy the demand for better-fitting vibrant, luxury eyewear designed and handcrafted to pay homage to the African, Caribbean, and Latin diaspora.”

The company’s most popular design is the Rwanda Wayfarers, a rich and beautiful textile print that enhances any melanin tone. “The versatile rectangular silhouette adds a sophisticated, professional look,” added Nancey.

Despite launching during the pandemic, Vontélle has been able to thrive with more people looking to eyewear as a way to show off their personality during virtual meetings.

“Eyewear is meant to reflect your personality and compliment your wardrobe. Vontélle has a vast selection, and you can pick your own adventure from an array of vibrant, pattern-enriched designs,” said Nancey.

With over one billion people worldwide in need of eyeglasses, Vontélle is excited to enter the industry at the right time with their handcrafted ethnic designs. “Yet, there are less than a handful of Black eyewear manufacturers or designers. “We are getting into the industry at the right time with our handcrafted ethnic designs,” said the founders.

Vontélle is quickly becoming a leader in the eyewear business, and the partnership with Paramount is just the latest exciting piece of news. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration.

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