Black Startup TicketRX Gets Acquired to Help Solve Issues with Traffic Citations

Black Startup TicketRX Gets Acquired to Help Solve Issues with Traffic Citations

MSTS, a global payments and credit solutions provider, recently acquired TicketRX, a Kansas City-based startup changing the way legal support of traffic citations and violations are handled.

TicketRx provides one-touch solutions through a digital platform connecting commercial motorists with attorneys in the area where the violation occurred. The platform is focused on servicing the trucking industry by using a mobile app and artificial intelligence to streamline the customer journey. MSTS’ brand, Open Road Drivers Plan is in the process of scaling this technology to its customer base, with the goal of minimizing pain points and revolutionizing customer service within the industry.

Previously, Open Road Drivers Plan served as an industry leader in providing ticket resolutions for CDL drivers and fleets with a commanding nationwide attorney network and 92% ticket resolution success rate. The acquisition will help to provide drivers with a frictionless experience for resolving traffic violations.

“We are very excited to welcome the TicketRX team into the family,” said Brandon Spear, president of MSTS. “TicketRX’s technology will allow us to disrupt the industry and offer a revolutionary approach to streamline communications between attorneys and drivers, minimize pain points and innovate customer service within its industry.”

TicketRX founder and CEO, Bryan Shannon, will lead the team, rebranding as ORDP powered by TicketRX. In addition, a new site was launched that is now in line with the new technology direction for the product. The change is reflective of ORDP’s continued commitment to its customer and creating solutions that drive innovation.

The platform is simple to use. When a trucker is issued a ticket, they fill out a form and a lawyer is assigned to represent them, keeping them out of court and on the road. In addition, all legal fees are covered by the Open Road Drivers Plan.

“I’m excited to bring TicketRX’s technology under the MSTS umbrella,” said Shannon, managing director of ORDP. “MSTS’ long history in the transportation industry will ensure we keep drivers on the road and protect their CSA.”