Black TikTok Creators Take Center Stage in the Body Shop’s Music Video And Challenge

Black TikTok Creators Take Center Stage in the Body Shop’s Music Video And Challenge

On the heels of the #BlackTikTokStrike that changed the dance challenge vibe TikTok became known for, director Alan Ferguson teamed up with The Body Shop to shine a light on Black TikTok creators.

As part of The Body Shop’s full eco-conscious rejuvenation of its Body Butter line, the company tapped Ferguson to create a music video that prominently features Black TikTok dance creators Tracy “OJ” Joseph, Layla Muhammed, Sunjai Williams, and Amari Smith, with Jemel McWilliams as lead choreographer.

@thebodyshopnorthamericaHonored to collab with @sunjaiw , @layzchipz and @tracy.oj on a new dance for our best ever Body Butter.♬ Spread Love – The Body Shop North America

Now a new TikTok dance challenge will kick off on September 29 as the TikTok creators teach their followers how to do the #SpreadLoveScoop dance that’s featured in the new music video. Other TikTokers will be encouraged to show off their best rendition of the Spread Love Scoop all in the name of equality and body positivity.

TikTok dance challenges haven’t been the same after Black creators went on strike earlier this year. Many Black TikTokers felt like their creativity was being taken advantage of with white influencers landing appearances on Jimmy Fallon to perform dances created by Black TikTokers, as noted by NPR.

With the strike becoming a trending topic over the summer, The Body Shop felt it was only right to put diverse creatives at the forefront of their latest campaign.

“When Black creators are not being credited and compensated for their work it devalues the tremendous talent and creativity that is born out of diversity,” said Hilary Lloyd, VP of Brand and Activism, The Body Shop.

“When The Body Shop created our Body Butter campaign around spreading love and goodness, we chose to collaborate with the TikTok talent making significant contributions to the platform. Tracy Joseph, Layla Muhammed, Sunjai Williams and Amari Smith, the campaign’s content creators, and Jemel McWilliams, the campaign’s choreographer, inspire all of us with their artistry and originality. They went above and beyond our expectations with a dance that makes everyone want to celebrate their body.”

It’s clear that Black TikTok dance creators are a vital addition to the platform. After making their absence felt, it’s time to show love to their influence on the culture. Cheers to hitting the #SpreadLoveScoop!