Host of ‘Black Travel Across America’ Launches App To Support Black Businesses In Vacation Hotspots

Host of ‘Black Travel Across America’ Launches App To Support Black Businesses In Vacation Hotspots

The host of National Geographic’s Black Travel Across America, Martinique Lewis, created an app to connect Black travelers. The ABC Travel GreenBook launched on June 2 to help to highlight Black communities and culture for those exploring new places. 

Based on the best-selling book by a similar name, Victor Hugo Green’s ‘The Negro Motorist Greenbook,’ Lewis’ travel app includes a database of Black businesses, events, and communities in different popular vacation spots. Not only does it have information for six different continents, but it also has a system to keep travelers safe while choosing events. ABC Travel Greenbook allows real people who have traveled to the places to rate and provide information on where they’ve visited. Lewis says the system bolsters the app’s ability to showcase places and businesses that aren’t usually advertised. 

Lewis told Travel Noire, “I love the recommend a business feature! Since the release, users have been wearing it out. With over 20,000 listings worldwide, there are plenty of Black travel businesses that we missed, like Sabor Cubano in Florence, Italy. But because of users, it’s now included in the app! I also adore the homepage. It gives you Black itineraries to follow in some of your favorite destinations, tells you about upcoming Black events around the world, and recommends Black-owned businesses we’ve visited and want you to enjoy. Definitely support these businesses by leaving a review after you visited so people know it was awesome,” Lewis stated. “For non-Black travelers, I want them to use the app and help amplify Black-owned businesses to their networks.”

Following the app’s drop, Lewis described the initial responses as overwhelmingly positive. 

“The reception from all travelers has been crazy! I had a goal of 2,000 downloads and 1,000 subscribers, [and we’re] over that in less than two weeks. I remain grateful! I’ve asked for feedback, and everyone loves it!”