Black Twitter Sounds Off On Chaka Khan And Stephanie Mills VERZUZ

Black Twitter Sounds Off On Chaka Khan And Stephanie Mills VERZUZ

Two soul R&B divas took to the VERZUZ platform to take us on a trip down memory lane through their Grammy Award-winning music catalog.

Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills hosted “A Night for the Queens” on VERZUZ Thursday night, and the responses from Black Twitter spoke for all of us.

The two songstresses were lit and vocally fit for the live performance that included past hits like Chaka’s “Once You Get Started,” “Everlasting Love,” and “I Feel For You” and Mills’ “Sweet Sensation,” “If I Were Your Woman,” and “Comfort of a Man.”

Ahead of the show, Mills took to Instagram to give a subtle nod to both of their accolades and how the soul legends had “nothing to prove” to the new generation who might be unaware of their influence in music.

“We [have] nothing to prove other than to show our young Black sisters we are enough and stronger together,” Mills wrote. “We’re all about the love of the music, positive vibes and a lot of harmony.”


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But it was Chaka’s seemingly inebriated appearance at the show that left many wondering if Chaka got a little too lit ahead of the live stage show. While the soul icon made it through VERZUZ and even won a few rounds, social media credited Mills for helping to hold things down on Chaka’s behalf.

At one point, Mills took the mic and reminded the youngins’ that she is a true Brooklyn native.

Others asked for help when it came to Chaka Khan’s performance.

One person even asked for the show to end to prevent Chaka from further embarrassment.

Another Twitter user joked that Chaka might not have even realized she was performing live last night.

Someone else reminded viewers to respect their elders and mind their little millennial business when it came to grown folks’ business.

Stephanie Mills was applauded for being a true “sister” for holding Chaka down.

Another captured a clip showing Mills singing background vocals for Chaka during her set.

Despite Chaka’s struggles throughout the night, the sisterhood between her and Mills was on full display. It was also the key takeaway among viewers.