Black Woman Athlete Makes History, Becomes the First to Own a Sneaker Company

Santia Deck, founder of TRONUS, has become the first female athlete to own a sneaker company. She also made history earlier this year when she signed a multi-million dollar deal to play in the forthcoming Women’s Football League Association (WFLA).

That first-ever contract of its size for a woman playing American-style football helped solidify her unique personal brand – part athletic powerhouse, part social media stunner, all confidence. Her “Queen of Abs” moniker has become more of a mantra.

As an athlete, Santia uses every platform she can to encourage people, especially young women, to aspire to the highest of heights with an almost royal level of confidence. She developed her own tenacity after overcoming challenges like bullying and scoliosis. Now that regal spirit lends itself to TRONUS, which means throne… and the response has been auspicious!

Years of planning behind the scenes have gone into this moment

After representing major shoe brands as an ambassador, Santia decided she wanted her own shoe. At first, the goal was just a signature design under an existing company. So she and her management brought on Jamien Sills, an experienced footwear designer as creative consultant.

Santia had a few design non-negotiables that kept bringing the project back to the drawing board. For example, she wanted the shoe to be unique, fashion-forward in its design, and have a lightweight feel and athleisure style that customers would want to show off and collect not unlike the industry standards.

Wanting to get her first attempt exactly right meant that Santia and her team ended up learning a lot about the process and the industry. And so, the project goal evolved from a shoe to a shoe empire!

The VIP membership is free and available for anyone to register through July 19th. Pre-orders for the first shoe released by TRONUS will also begin on that day. Customers can sign up and get more information at

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