Black Woman-Owned Lifestyle + Wellness Space Opens in New Orleans

Black Woman-Owned Lifestyle + Wellness Space Opens in New Orleans

Freedom Apothecary is a black woman-owned lifestyle brand + space dedicated entirely to skincare and wellness by companies founded by women. This self-care small business stocks female-founded holistic skin, fragrance and lifestyle products, like tinctures, makeup, books and divination. Freedom also offers a full menu of facial services, blend bar of botanical extracts, oils and salts to make custom masks, oils, scrubs and bath salts, workshops, book clubs, enlightenment and educational events.

Centrally located in the heart of Uptown at 1900 Magazine Street, Owner & Founder Morrisa Jenkins is excited to bring Freedom Apothecary to the place that means so much to her, New Orleans.

Jenkins, a licensed aesthetician, had been selling a line of handmade products, Meaux Moisture, for years before moving to Philadelphia from the Big Easy. When she decided to expand Meaux Moisture into a physical retail space, the mompreneur of two opened Freedom Apothecary’s Philadelphia brick and mortar in the summer of 2019. “…I had a dream about this space, what it should look like.   I wanted to cater to Black women and women of color, and create a space for freedom, authenticity, and education on holistic living.”

Following its opening in the NoLibs neighborhood of Philly, Freedom Apothecary had quickly become a popular destination for skincare and beauty enthusiasts. The carefully and intentionally curated selection of toxin-free serums, cleansers, fragrances, and elixirs also includes products from Freedom’s own house brand (formerly Meaux Moisture)

Four years later, the brand is ready for the next chapter, eager to reach even more women who yearn to shine brighter. Jenkins explains, “What better place than the city of magic.. of soul, the heart of unapologetic self-expression…New Orleans! Where rebirth and transformation are not only encouraged but desired,” [this new chapter of] “Freedom Apothecary will embody more of its original vision. The seeds that were planted in Philly are now ready to flourish in New Orleans and beyond.”

Jenkins is very passionate about the representation of women of color in an industry where it has not always been: “For me, it’s more of a rebellion, how can I make all of this accessible to Black people, to Black women?” She prides herself on carrying a diverse array of skincare products that are inclusive to all skin types which – the chic wellness boutique provides alongside a community of support that empowers each other with an emphasis on representation, accessibility, and equity.

Among other things, Freedom’s mission is to “create a platform for women [entrepreneurs] to know that their products are needed, are valued and can thrive.” The wellness boutique opens early 2023, the first of its kind in so many ways, but above all, the first black woman-owned lifestyle brand + wellness space in New Orleans.

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