Meet The Black Visionaries Behind Denver’s Culture Museum & Museum For Black Girls

Meet The Black Visionaries Behind Denver’s Culture Museum & Museum For Black Girls

From iconic Source magazine covers to mural-plastered walls, there is a new selfie experience where you can find yourself immersed in the magic of Black culture.

Denver’s Culture Museum is where you can witness Black visionaries come to life through memories and shared history.

The grand opening of The Culture Museum took place on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. As a product of community and family, the museum was established by Charlie Billingsly and Von Ross, her aunt. Together, they created a space where Black culture is unapologetically interactive and celebrated.

Billingsly is no stranger to entrepreneurial success. The recent installation of The Culture Museum is the artist and entrepreneur’s second installation in Denver, following the Museum for Black Girls, which debuted in 2019 and is now touring in Houston.

“Living in Denver, people are always asking me, ‘where are the Black people? Where are the Black hangouts.’ I couldn’t really think of many, so I wanted to create a space for us all to come,” Billingsly told Travel Noire.

Image Credit: Adrienne Thomas

As a Denver resident, Billingsley was determined to create opportunities for Black artists to express their unique stories with community in mind. The co-owners collaborated with local Colorado artists of color to contribute to the installations featured.

We are here to elevate Black creators who might not otherwise get opportunities like this,” Billingsley told 303 Magazine.

Image Credit: Adrienne Thomas

Humbly described as “The Selfie Museum with heart,” everything is interactive. The space is divided into rooms, in which each exhibits a different experience. Visitors can sit in the barber’s chair at a mock barbershop, square up against the likes of Mike Tyson in a boxing ring, or flip cards at the game night table. With music spinning and talented artists all around, people come in to reconnect with their roots.

Along with the Cultural Museum, the duo is also committed to the success of the Museum for Black Girls—a space to celebrate Black Girl Magic, as well as “educate about the journey to our present state and liberation,” as per its website.

“The goal is to take the exhibits to different cities. Right now, we are looking at DC and Atlanta next,” Billingsly said.

The Culture Museum is located at 1421 26th St. in Denver. Tickets are for sale on the website.

It is open Friday-Sunday only, and time slots span from 3 pm to-8 pm. Tickets are $22.