Black Women Trio Makes History, Leads White House Press Briefing

The United States has made progressive steps toward change once again.

Three Black women recently made history, leading The White House press briefing on March 10.

According to The White House, the press briefing was led by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, OMB Director Shalanda Young, and CEA Chair Cecilia Rouse.

“I do want to take a moment to note the historic nature of the moment that you see in front of you right now,” Jean-Pierre said at the briefing. “All three of us are historic firsts in our roles: the first Black women to serve as CEA Chair, OMB Director, White House Press Secretary. The first Black women, right in front of you, for all of those three important, important key roles in the administration.”

Reportedly, all of the women have been in the briefing room before, both leading their teams for around two years.

During the briefing, the women addressed different topics, including President Joe Biden‘s budget to lower family costs, which Young explained is built around four key values and contrasts with congressional Republicans. Rouse also spent time talking about the president’s fiscal year 2024 budget and the new jobs data, before Jean-Pierre opened up the floor for questions.

Young, who is director of the United States Office of Management and Budget, discussed with CNN what it was like being in the room for the occasion and why that representation was significant.

“The three of us,” she began, “I look at what this means for the next generation, that they will not be first, if they want to pursue these jobs or any other, and that’s the goal,” she said, ” to make sure we leave this country in a better place than we found it [and] make sure all of our children, no matter where they’re from, including a small town in Louisiana, can reach whatever their dreams are.”

Young shared that both Jean-Pierre and Rouse are really good friends of hers, and they are all mothers to daughters.

“Representation matters, but more, I think as mothers it matters for what we leave behind for our children.”