Black Women Twerk ‘For The Ancestors’ At Ghana’s Cape Coast, Dragged By Social Media

Black Women Twerk ‘For The Ancestors’ At Ghana’s Cape Coast, Dragged By Social Media

A group of Black women who thought it would be cute to twerk and gyrate on top of a former slave dungeon in Ghana are facing backlash across social media.

The debates ignited after one member of the travel group by the name KhaParisDior shared an Instagram post reflecting on her visit to the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, where African slaves were once held before being shipped to the U.S. and other areas. The Black female traveler reflected on visiting the castle for Juneteenth and learning about “how they did our ancestors.”

“So today I got to experience The Slave Castle in Cape Coast! It’s wildddddd seeing how they did our ancestors!” Treated them worst than animals!!” she captioned her post.

After experiencing the hard-hitting history lesson, it seemingly iinspired the travel group to turn around and shake something “for our ancestors.”


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“It’s sad but of course we had to twerk for our ancestors cause PERIOD!!!!!!” she wrote.

“Happy Juneteenth from the motherland ❤️ I think everybody should go at least once in a lifetime.”

Along with the twerking video were video clips and photos of the ladies touring the former slave grounds and being saddened by the experience. But the twerking video was enough for social media to speak out against the traveler’s way of honoring their ancestors.

“Desecrating a sacred place is classless,” one person wrote under the traveler’s Instagram post.

“Show some respect,” added another.

The post was shared on Twitter by one user who said the group’s behavior was “disrespectful” and should be “condemned.”

“You can take the girl out the ghetto, but not the ghetto out the girl,” one person wrote.

“This has to be one of the most sickening displays of disrespect that I’ve ever witnessed,” added someone else.

KhaParisDior kept the video up on her page and even doubled down on her ancestral twerk in an Instagram Story post saying, “We got people so mad. Funny thing is I’ll do it again too!”

(Screenshot: KhaParisDior/Instagram)

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