Black Woman Goes Viral for TikTok Video Twerking in Mississippi Cotton Field

Black Woman Goes Viral for TikTok Video Twerking in Mississippi Cotton Field

A video of a Black woman twerking in a cotton field in Mississippi has gone viral on TikTok, and many are in stitches over it.

The video appears to be for a TikTok twerk challenge, and the caption under the footage reads, “If TikTok existed in 1860.”

The twerking woman is seen in the field picking cotton while another woman throws cotton on her as if she is throwing cash in a strip club. The woman twerks to the song “No Clappin” by Spiffy The Goat in the video. The song, released in 2022 by the rap artist, is featured on over 50,000 TikTok videos.

Another caption for the video said, “I just know I get this a** shaking from my great great great grandma 🤔.”

The video was posted by Kam Tunechi on Oct. 4 and has been liked more than 2 million times on the social media platform. Several TikTok users commented on how funny they found the video. Others wondered if a green screen was used to make the video and were amused to learn that the women shot the video in an actual cotton field.


One fan joked, “MAAAAASTA she on the field actin up again.” Another fan posted, “I’m weak 😂😳😅.” Another replied, “Swing low in real life 😂.”

“It’s the laundry basket repurposed as the cotton basket for me! LMAO,” wrote another fan. “Now, you must be in MISSISSIPPI down deep in da DeLTA? 😭🤣😭🤣 I think I saw y’all when I passed through.”

While the video amused many, others were not as impressed. One commenter thought the video set the community back by three centuries. Another said, “I need Harriet 😮‍💨.” Although, the majority of commenters seemed to have been entertained by the video and appreciated the ladies’ comedic efforts. “Not making it rain with cotton 😂😭.”