Former College Football Player's Quiktract App Helps Entrepreneurs Make Connections

Former College Football Player Blake Stanton’s Quiktract App Helps Entrepreneurs Make Connections

blake stanton
(Image: Twitter)

A former football player started a company two years ago that helps entrepreneurs and freelance workers connect with companies or each other in an app that allows users to connect, create contracts and secure payments all in one place.

In an interview with AfroTech, Blake Stanton, the former University of Oregon football player talks about the app he started, the Quiktract app, which was designed especially for entrepreneurs. The app allows freelancers the chance to connect, conceive contracts, and secure payments all in one app.

The app has been in existence since 2019. Stanton never thought he’d be involved in the tech industry and now, he’s the brains behind this app.

“Tech was never at the forefront of my brain,” Stanton said. “I never thought I’d be in the tech industry coming from being an athlete my whole life because that’s all I ever knew. After graduating from the University of Oregon, I was always trying to network and be in different rooms.”

As many collegiate athletes who go into business for themselves or move away from sports, Stanton set his sights on staying within sports but working toward representing athletes and making sure that they handle their business as well.

“After graduating, I jumped straight into the industry as far as the business side of sports, representing athletes as far as contracts and marketing. I was always fascinated with the business of sports so I did that and from there I knew it was more in life that I was destined to do.”

According to the Quiktract website, the app can assist users:

  • Connect on service jobs with no service charges or middle-man fees.
  • Create and execute legally binding agreements in less than 60 seconds – on their own terms.
  • Easily manage and amend each agreement as scope or job descriptions change.
  • Communicate with other party in documented and tracked format that’s as easy as sending a text message.
  • Pay or get paid using integrated ACH banking functionality.

You can check out the app here.