BLK’s Head of Marketing Shares the Dating App Mistakes You’re Making—and How to Avoid Them

BLK’s Head of Marketing Shares the Dating App Mistakes You’re Making—and How to Avoid Them

BLK, the largest dating and lifestyle app for Black singles, continues to find ways to bring the Black community together and create safe spaces for Black singles to find meaningful connections.

But when it comes to online dating, there are common mistakes dating hopefuls make that could hinder their chances of finding love, says Jonathan Kirkland, head of marketing & brand for BLK.

“Not filling out your bio,” Kirkland tells BLACK ENTERPRISE. “You should give potential matches more insights beyond just your pics.”

Kirkland, who joined BLK in April 2020, says the dating app helps users who might need assistance when it comes to representing themselves online.

“BLK makes some of this easy with Profile Attributes, where you can easily let others know things about you such as your dating intentions, thoughts on kids, social activities, and more,” he says.

Elsewhere, Kirkland notes how users who primarily post selfies might be doing a disservice when it comes to providing an accurate portrayal of themselves.

(Image courtesy of BLK)

“Faceless pics. You can only make a first impression once, so make it count,” Kirkland said. “We are visual people, so if your picture is the first thing people see, it should represent you well. Make sure it’s clear, shows your face, and reflects your personality.”

While transparency is key to connecting with someone new, Kirkland explains how “oversharing” can be a turn-off.

“Oversharing and not sharing enough. You need to find a delicate balance when getting to know someone,” Kirkland suggests. “Give the other person a glimpse into your world, interests, goals without dumping too much on them upfront. Remember, it’s a date, not a therapy session.”

With the pandemic completely changing the scope of dating, Kirkland shared some tips for those looking still on the search for love.

“It’s okay to wear a mask in public. But it’s not okay to wear a mask in your profile pic,” he says.

When transitioning to in-person dates, Kirkland suggests taking time “to get to know someone a bit more before meeting up with them in person.”

He adds, “Go on dates that offer social distancing or outdoor space (e.g., miniature golf, paint & sip, bike riding).”

To help strengthen online connections, BLK recently launched its in-app live streaming feature, BLK Live! The free feature offers a new one-to-many experience for BLK users and a robust community for Black content creators to engage in.