Bobby Brown Recalls Paying a Stranger $50K for a Car as a Teenage Millionaire

Bobby Brown Recalls Paying a Stranger $50K for a Car as a Teenage Millionaire

Singer Bobby Brown has been transparent about his wild boy behavior during his youth. Having grown up in front of the public eye and becoming rich and famous at a very young age, Brown has fond memories of how he blew through his millions.

At age 18, Brown’s solo debut album Don’t Be Cruel produced top Billboard hits like “My Prerogative” and “Every Little Step.” The New Edition singer opened up in A&E‘s Biography Bobby Brown, which premiered on Monday. He recalled how he spent the millions he received after ditching the R&B group for a solo career, Yahoo Entertainment reports.

“Money was ginormous,” Brown said.

“I was bringing in so much money at such a young age. My dad didn’t have to work anymore. My mom didn’t have to work anymore.”

Swimming in dough and popularity, Brown recalls the time he spent $1 million in one day.

“I’d be driving down the street on the tour bus, see somebody in a car and like the car, pull the car over and buy the car,” he recalled of his frivolous spending as a teenage millionaire.

Brown says he would drive new cars around the city and abandon the luxury vehicles at his hotel or the airport.

“Pay [over $50,000] for a car and just leave it,” Brown said.

But after losing all his millions, Brown says, “Wish I had those cars now.”

The teen pop star was also charitable with his millions. His former bodyguard AJ Alexander recalled a time Brown saw a Black woman being mistreated by a store owner of a glass figurine shop inside a mall.

“Bob ended up buying the store and giving it to the lady,” Alexander revealed.

“He went back the next day and told the guy he was fired. ‘Yo, you fired. You work for her now.'”

Having grown up in the projects in Boston, Brown never expected to become so successful, and he had no concept of financial management.

Brown said he “never thought in my life I’d be able to not only make millions of dollars, but to spend a million dollars in one day.”

“I was like: What? I’m gonna do it,'” he recalled. “And I spent a million dollars in one day.”