Bolster Your Online Security With This Email Protection Plug-In

Bolster Your Online Security With This Email Protection Plug-In

Technology over the years has become increasingly better and more efficient, which in turn has led to better all-around experiences when it comes to computer use and work-from-home job functions.

Unfortunately, as technology has advanced, so have hackers’ efforts in attempts to penetrate the digital space and steal computer users’ data and personal information. One way in which they have found success is through hacking email addresses.

You can rest a little easier in knowing that your personal information and data will remain safe with the Email Protection WordPress Plugin. For a limited time, lifetime access to this protective software is available for just $9.99. That’s a savings of 73% from its MSRP ($37).

This plug-in protects email addresses displayed on your websites from protection and web crawlers while allowing you to display those email addresses according to any custom preferences you have.

It only takes a few clicks to install and configure the Email Protection WordPress Plugin, and no knowledge of coding or design skills is necessary to use it. With flexible customization, you can select font, size, and color for displaying your protected email addresses.

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This product also comes with shortcode generators that allow you to create shortcodes with configurable options, along with the ability to manage, edit, and save your shortcodes for future use.

The export and import feature gives you the option to export items to your settings and saved shortcodes and the capability to move the data between websites. With dynamic content support and custom CSS support, you couldn’t ask for a better-suited setup.

Nothing is more unsettling than having your information exposed and compromised. This software offers superior protection from those dreaded experiences, and it’s available at a great price point. Purchase it today to feel secure online.

Prices subject to change.