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Boosie Badazz Says He ‘Got My Chain Back’ After Offering $10K Reward For Lost All-White Diamond Chain

After offering to pay a reward of $10,000 to whoever found his missing jewelry, Boosie Badazz stated that he is back in possession of his all-white diamond chain.

Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz was in a somber mood last week when he posted on his Instagram Live account. The controversial entertainer told his fans he’d lost his “all-white diamond chain.” He didn’t say exactly where he lost it but did offer a reward between $5,000 and $10,000 for its safe return. The rapper posted the video clip on Oct. 12.

“Aye I just lost my muthaf**kin’, uh,  my all-white diamond chain. I got $5-10,000 whoever bring me my chain back. I just had it on when I did the drop. I went in the hotel and worked out. I had it on when I went to my room. My chain is gone, bro.”

Boosie continued, “I don’t know if it done came off my neck when I was walking upstairs or something but whoever get me my chain, I got the money on me right now. I’ma pay you $5-10,000 for my chain. I’ma pay you $5-10,000 you bring my chain back. If you swipe, you can see a picture of the chain. I got the money. I’ma pay you right now.”

Then some good news emerged! Boosie posted another video clip stating that he now has his chain back! No word on whether someone got a reward or if the person even wanted one, but Boosie confirmed that he is in possession of his “all-white diamond chain.”

Livebitz posted the clip on Instagram, where he announced the good news. In the short clip, he says, “Got my chain back, bro. Somebody gave it back to me.”


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