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Boosie Walks Out of The Color Purple Screening For Being ‘Gay Love Story’

Boosie details why he had to walk out of The Color Purple with his daughters due to the film depicting a same-sex romance.

Boosie is not having it with the inclusive narrative found in The Color Purple. Despite the latest 2023 adaption remaining faithful to the source material by featuring the romantic relationship between two female characters, Boosie shared why he had to walk out with his daughters due to the depiction of a gay coupling.

Boosie tweeted in the morning of Jan. 2 on his experience seeing the film. The rapper claims that he and other elderly couples walked out of the theater after witnessing the love scene between Celie and Shug Avery, who kissed and sang a loving duet in the film. However, their relationship proved to be too much for Boosie, who has proclaimed that he will not be letting his daughter watch due to this.

“I had to walk out this color purple movie ([and] two other older couples walked out also.) Because I had my little girls with me [and] it seemed like a [gay] love story,” wrote the hip-hop artist. “Good Acting, but whoever wrote the script pushes the narrative hard. As a parent, I will not let my little girl watch this film.”

Boosie was unaware that both the 1985 film and the original 1983 novel by Alice Walker featured the romantic interaction between the characters of Celie and Shug Avery, played by Fantasia Barrino and Taraji P. Henson, respectively, in the musical film adaption. While the movie’s subject matter also deals with serious topics such as rape and domestic abuse, Boosie only found issues with the depiction of lesbian characters.

However, this commentary from the 41-year-old rapper is on-brand with his past remarks against the LGBTQIA+ community, despite his daughter coming out as gay in January 2023, as confirmed by The Source. The rapper’s values are in such disagreement with the gay community that he turned down a $250K offer to perform at an LGBTQIA+ event back in September. According to the rapper, he does not agree with the lifestyles of gay people and thus apparently does not want it to be included in the content he watches either.