Boredom Or Sloth: 5 Steps To Get Rid Of A Case Of The Lazies

Boredom Or Sloth: 5 Steps To Get Rid Of A Case Of The Lazies

It's a popular stereotype that millennials are lazy. For those who embody the hype, here are five steps to get get motivated for boss moves.

Originally Published March 13, 2014 

There’s always that sentiment noted over and over again: Millennials are lazy, entitled, and unmotivated.

(But, smart people who aren’t wearing bias-tinted glasses know we are some of the most charitable, civic-minded, physically active, entrepreneurial and innovative groups on Earth.)

As with any stereotype, some of our peers make it easy for employers and senior professionals to raise a discerning eyebrow, failing to push past average and beyond limitations to go above and beyond for greatness.

Even those of us constantly making boss moves in an effort to upgrade our careers and livelihoods have those moments of laziness—where sloth wins over making power plays.

(My Granny will often scold me in my moments of weakness: “I’m almost 90 and I’m able to wake up early and get things done. Why are you tired?” How embarrassing, right?)

So, whether you just haven’t felt that burst of enthusiasm for anything after college graduation, or you’re in a phase of burnout that’s just lasted way too long, try these five steps to shake it all off:

1. Be sure you’re up to par with your health check-ups.

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If you’re transitioning from college life to the grown-folk’s arena, you might not have taken the adequate time to focus on your check-ups (especially if mom and dad aren’t making the appointments or reminding you). Put your big girl panties or big boy boxers on, and get those general checkups, STD tests, Pap smears and dental cleanings.

Also, see a counselor, even if there’s nothing wrong. It doesn’t hurt to talk to someone, whether it’s about your latest promotion or how to cope with the stress of finding out what exactly you want to do with your life.

If you’re a young professional, whose plight to climb the ladder has left little room for sleep, let alone a doctor’s visit, make time to know where you stand in terms of your health.

2. Add fitness to your daily or weekly routine—even if the thought of it makes you cringe.

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Not only does it boost your energy, but you’ll look and feel better each day. Schedule in fun activities, whether its taking an hour for gym time or 30 minutes of dancing to your favorite mix in the morning. Schedule this as you would a business meeting or hair appointment.

3. Challenge yourself via games, interesting reading, and interactive events with friends.

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Sometimes those creative juices flow more freely when you’re constantly giving yourself mental and intellectual stimulation. Turn off that TV and get into a few video games, books on industry trends or your passions, or travel excursions (local or international.)

4. Make time for learning a new hobby or skill, or relearning something you let go of as a child but want to revisit.

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I was once an alto saxophone-playing band geek, and I remember greatly enjoying writing and reading music. Relearning the saxophone not only helps take my mind off the stresses of everyday life, but it gives me something to look forward to in terms of accomplishing something that my livelihood doesn’t depend on. It’s a great idea to challenge yourself to learn something new or brush up on skills such as languages, coding, cosmetology, or sports, especially if it could help your career in some way.

5. Reevaluate what makes you happy via a vision board or blog.

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Sometimes mapping things out visually or blogging about life can put things into better perspective. Maybe you need a job or career change, or relocation is in order. Maybe you just need a kick in the pants via inspiring comments, shared experiences, or responses to your writing.

Just remember, you can’t make boss moves if you’re not motivated to, well, move. Millennials, don’t let a case of the lazies keep you from greatness.

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