Bossing Up: 3 Ways to Reignite Your Exercise Routine

Bossing Up: 3 Ways to Reignite Your Exercise Routine

(Image: Yeulet)

Staying healthy and fit doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes doing the same old workout routine when you hit the gym can get monotonous. It can also be counterproductive; experts say that changing up your workouts can help you avoid injury, burn all various types of fuels, and keep you motivated to workout daily.

But how can you change it up, especially if you’re an entrepreneur with limited time for fitness? You may even have a routine that seems to fit into your bottom line, but is it boring you to death?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Get a Partner or Participate in Group Exercise

“A variety of class formats will keep you motivated and interested, as well as give you different instructor styles, music selection, and interaction with other participants,” Shawn Dolan, Ph.D., reports via the American College of Sports Medicine. “For many, an hour-long workout goes by very quickly when there is music playing and you are trying new exercises. People stay interested because of the social atmosphere provided by group exercise. This offers camaraderie and accountability among participants, as well as between participants and instructor.”

The YMCA of Silicon Valley also notes that participating in group workouts will keep you motivated, and having an instructor ensures you keep the proper form during workouts.

2. Get With the Latest Trends and Try a New Workout Routine. 

There are so many new trends of working out that have gained traction this year. You can get out of your comfort zone by trying one of them. From updated workouts in heated rooms, to barre strength training, to extreme sports, and virtual reality spinning, fitness entrepreneurs and organizations are offering more unique ways for you to stay fit.

3. Invest in a Retreat

Many hotels offer special fitness and wellness packages. From yoga to boot camps, to adventure treks, and spa services–or a combo of all four–you can enjoy an experience that will help you recharge and give you that mental refresh you need to take on boss moves. Wellness entrepreneurs have curated experiences for leaders and professionals to help them destress, push their limits, and meet fitness goals.

Retreats also are a great opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to make connections that could lead to partnerships or even lifelong friendships. You can feed off of the positive energy, collaborative atmosphere, and camaraderie, and then take that energy back with you to the office.