Brian McKnight Calls Out The ‘False Narrative’ About Relationship With His Older Children

Brian McKnight is speaking out amid a new wave of online critics bringing attention to his alleged estranged relationship with his four older children.

The “Back At One” singer is happily married to his second wife Leilani McKnight and proudly boasts their family moments with her two children and the one they recently welcomed on social media.


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But McKnight has been trending on social media among critics who accuse the award-winning singer of abandoning his four older children—Brian Jr., Briana, Niko, and Clyde.

“That last line lets me know that Brian McKnight needs heavy therapy,” one critic tweeted last month along with a screenshot of McKnight’s Instagram post where he called his step-daughter Jules “the perfect daughter I always wanted.”

Others accused McKnight of “gaslighting his estranged children” who previously accused their famous father of abandoning them and being a deadbeat, via Madame Noire.

Just last week, Radar Online revealed the settlement that was reached between McKnight and his daughter Briana on a 2020 lawsuit she filed accusing her father of “maliciously” defaming her on social media by labeling her “promiscuous” and claiming she had an incestuous relationship with her cousin.

“She had some years earlier, and while a minor, engaged in sexual relations with an older cousin,” McKnight wrote in a since-deleted post.

Now, amid all the speculation surrounding his estranged children, McKnight took to Instagram to deny the “false narrative” about his blended family.

“Not sure how these posts that have been sitting here this whole time were left out of the false narrative that is trending,” McKnight captioned a throwback family photo.

“Abandonment? There’s always more to every story. Stay tuned.”


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It’s the first time the “Anytime” singer has spoken out in the wake of the settlement with his daughter and amid the backlash he’s facing on social media. But considering how old the photo is McKnight chose to repost, and the silence from his estranged children, it’ll likely take a lot more to convince the general public that all is well between McKnight and his older children.

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