Brooke Jones Announces ‘From Bars To Boss’ Scholarship For Formerly Incarcerated Single Mothers

According to the Vera Institute, 80% of incarcerated women are mothers; and most are single parents.

For The Hidden Vault CEO Brooke Jones, that reality can no longer be ignored. Earlier this week, Jones announced her “From Bars To Boss” scholarship to award 10 formerly incarcerated single mothers $1,000 in small business grants. Jones, a single mother to four boys, was once an inmate herself, wants the scholarship to provide hope and a second chance to single mothers, according to the release.

“I am committed to giving back to the community and empowering women to take control of their lives. I want to be to women what I felt was missing growing up,support system. The “From Bars To Boss” scholarship is one of the many ways I plan on showing up for my community. We all deserve a second chance. Look at me; I am everything I am because God gave me a second chance,” she said. 

The first round of grantees will be announced later this month.

Jones’ multimillion-dollar sexual wellness brand, The Hidden Vaulthas been a conduit for her 180-degree turnaround after childhood trauma led to her being arrested over a dozen times before, ultimately landing her in prison. Upon her release, she took a $5,000 investment and turned it into over $3 million in profits from the garage of her New Orleans home. “With a desire to destigmatize the idea of sex and create a safe space for consenting adults to explore their sexuality, Jones capitalized on her social media presence to develop and market a unique line of products aimed at celebrating sexual wellness while maintaining discreetness,” according to the brand’s website.

Interested applicants for the “From Bars to Boss” scholarship must be formerly incarcerated single mothers with a business plan for consideration.

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