Bryce James Transfers Back To Sierra Canyon

Bryce James Transfers Back To Sierra Canyon

The junior left to go play for Notre Dame but has gone back to Sierra

LeBron James’ son, Bryce, left Sierra Canyon last school year and transferred to Notre Dame, only to transfer back to Sierra Canyon this season.

According to Sports Illustrated, the second son of LeBron will be playing for the same high school his older brother, Bronny, graduated from this past summer. Bryce played at Sierra for his first two years in high school and then decided to play at Notre Dame this season but was declared ineligible due to transfer rules. He would not have been able to play for at least half the season, according to rules made by the California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section.

With the rules in place, since Bryce did not play in any games at Notre Dame, he is still good to compete with his old school. The season just began, so Bryce hasn’t missed much in terms of games played. If he had gone to Notre Dame due to a residence change, the eligibility would not have been a factor, and he could have played.

During his first two years, Bryce played on both the junior varsity and varsity teams. The junior played summer basketball with Campbell Hall, Studio City, CA, and competed with the Vikings at Section 7 in Arizona, and from there, he went to Notre Dame.

Meanwhile, Bronny participated in pregame warmups on Nov. 19 before USC beat Brown University by a score of 81-71, according to CBS Sports. Although he did not play and is not expected to play in the next basketball game, he is closer to competing for the team after he suffered a cardiac arrest this past July during a team practice.

While the team awaits his return, they have been playing well with a 3-1 record.

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