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Bryson Tiller Focused On His Video Game Debut In 2025

Bryson Tiller's self-titled album will likely be his last for a while as he focuses on a career transition into the video game industry.

Bryson Tiller just released his self-titled album on Friday, April 5 and it will likely be his last for a while as he focuses on a career transition into the video game industry.

The “Don’t” singer released his fourth studio album with a goal of letting “the masses hear everything I’m capable of doing,” and remain loyal fans, he told Billboard. It makes sense, with the album serving as a “see you later” rather than a farewell for the Kentucky native who has plans of taking a break from music to release the video game he’s been working on for three years.

“I would love for this one [Bryson Tiller] to be the last one for a while,” he told Complex last month. “I’ve been saying that regardless if it performs well or not. This is probably gonna be my last one for a minute. I just want to take a hiatus because my No. 1 passion is video games.”

“I’m a designer in my spare time. I’ve been designing a game for the past three years. I’ve been looking into internships for different companies. That’s what I want to prioritize after this album comes out,” he added.

With the 2023 launch of his company Trapsoul Games, Tiller hopes to put more focus into developing the business and spending more time with his two daughters.

“I want to focus on first getting closer to my daughters. My oldest daughter is 10 years old now, and I’m tired of telling her that I have to work, or I have to be in the studio and make an album, before we can hang out,” he explained.

“I’m just getting tired of telling her that. Game design is super cool because I could do it from anywhere. I could be next to her while she’s gaming, working on my game. It’s just what I love to do. It doesn’t feel like work.”

As for when he’ll finally unveil his debut video game to the gaming world, Tiller hopes the game can be released by later this year or coincide with the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s one he loves and has been playing “every day.”

“I would love for it to drop this year. If not, it would be dropping the same year as GTA 6, which I’m not mad at, because I love GTA,” he shared.

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