Build a Digital Resume With This $30 Professional Personal Site Builder

Build a Digital Resume With This $30 Professional Personal Site Builder

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Your resume informs employers why you’re the right fit for the job. However, a top-notch professional personal website will show them why you’re the best.

There’s way more to you than a single page of your job history and qualifications. Here’s to rightfully show all the different sides to you with SwiftCV Professional Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription.

The process of making your own site can seem daunting, especially when you consider all the coding, modifications, domain renewals, and the sheer cost of hosting a site. SwiftCV takes the stress out of website building. Your main duties are clicking, dragging, and typing a little here and there.

It starts off with you importing your data from LinkedIn and branching off from there. Add media, your professional projects and work samples, cover letters, all your social links, and pretty much everything else you could possibly demonstrate about yourself and your work.

Even when you’re not passing your unique URL out, recruiters can still get a hold of your site, thanks to SEO optimization. That means if they’re actively looking for someone in your field of expertise, your profile has a way better shot at landing at the top of the search results.

Keep the entire operation low key. You can password protect the site so that no one without the password is able to view your information.

You might be the next user giving SwiftCV a 5-star review, adding to the overall 4.3 star review that it’s holding now. Not the mention that professionals at Google, Netflix, Disney, IDEO, Expedia, and PayPal give SwiftCV their stamp of approval. 

Simply put in $29.99 to buy the SwiftCV Professional Website Builder: Lifetime Subscription from the Black Enterprise Shop, and your return on investment can be the new job of your dreams.

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