Burn Victim of Chemical Peel TikTok Awarded $1 Mil In Lawsuit

Burn Victim of Chemical Peel TikTok Awarded $1 Mil In Lawsuit

Neyo White, who went viral on Tiktok for detailing his experience as a burn victim from a botched chemical peel, is getting a hefty check for his trauma.

TMZ revealed that White will receive $1 million for his successful lawsuit against Diamond Facez Skin Care Bar and its CEO, Shamari-Rene Cherry, who rendered the service.

The TikToker first went viral in February 2022 for exposing how the company refused to refund him the $150 paid for the service that left him with extensive second-degree burns on his face, prompting him to resort to legal action.

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The Georgia resident went to the social media platform to showcase his burns from the facial service that left his skin discolored and blotchy in various places and required him to seek medical attention.

He insisted that the videos were not an attempt to gain clout on social media, warning his followers of his seriousness by planning to sue the Atlanta-based business. Well, we know how that turned out.

However, that is not the only matter that White has taken into his own hands. Since the incident, his face has nearly recovered, getting laser treatment at Emerage Medical with dermatologist Jason Emer, self-described as the “world’s most recognized cosmetic dermatologist and surgeon.” White also launched his own brand, Neyo Skincare Brand, in another way to capitalize off his struggle.

The defendant, on the other hand, will have to shell over $750,000 in compensatory, a 60/30 split between the company and its founder. In addition, another $250,000 will be allocated to White in punitive damages. Since the verdict, the skincare clinic has been silent, privatizing their social media accounts as well, which is probably for the best.

As for White, it is safe to say that while his skin may never fully recover, his pockets are currently overflowing.