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Sheryl Lee Ralph And Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts Honored With BWHI’s 2023 Vanguard Award For Championing Black Women’s Health

Actress and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts will receive the Black Women’s Health Imperative’s (BWHI) 2023 Vanguard Award in September. The women will be honored during BWHI’s Atlanta-based 40th Anniversary “Homecoming” Event, which focuses on those who have empowered Black women’s health.

Lee Ralph and Roberts are receiving the Vanguard Award for their work in uplifting the award’s mission, according to a BWHI press release. Through their activism, they’ve raised awareness and utilized their national platforms to bring attention to health issues negatively affecting women of color. They’ve also actively collaborated with BWHI in its life-saving initiatives to fight against the health disparities affecting Black women, such as maternal health, diagnosis deficits, and mental health access and education.

As a faith leader, Roberts’ unique platform has allowed her to inspire women to find solace and support in their religions. As a prolific entertainer, Lee Ralph has leveraged her fame to bring attention to critical issues of health equity in the Black community. 

Under the theme of “40 Years of Loving Black Women,” the “Homecoming” events comprise a series of gatherings in various cities aimed at reconnecting the organization with its chapter origins, delivering educational resources and guidance on health and wellness specifically tailored for women of color. There will also be events to allow attendees to reflect and discuss the deficits in health outcomes for Black women in medicine.

Events will span from September 22 through October 20, with events in the central chapter cities of Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and the Philadelphia Metro region.

The BWHI Vanguard Award will celebrate Roberts and Lee Ralph’s work in the field. 

Join us in celebrating Sarah Jakes Roberts and Sheryl Lee Ralph as they receive the 2023 BWHI Vanguard Award, acknowledging their outstanding service, inspirational journeys, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of Black women and girls,” the awards announcement read.

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