ColorComm is Helping Millennial Women in Communications Level Up in their Careers

ColorComm is Helping Millennial Women in Communications Level Up in their Careers

The next generation of leaders is being called on in media and communications. Lauren Wesley Wilson, CEO of ColorComm, is making sure that no one is left behind.

For the past eight years, Wilson has brought seats to the table for women of color in communications through meet-ups, webinars, and events. And for the second straight year, ColorComm will host C2 NextGen Summit at New York City’s Chelsea Piers on November 14 and 15.

There are a number of professional development conferences and summits for women of color that have goals to inspire, educate, and connect with executives—but the C2 NextGen summit was designed by some of the industry’s leading ladies for women ages 35 and under, Wilson says, who “want to see themselves up there on stage…under-35 women who have achieved a great deal in a short period of time.”

This year’s speaker lineup includes Dalana Brand, VP of People Experience and Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Twitter; Linda Clemmons, sales coach and body language expert and CEO of  Sisterpreneur, Inc.; and Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest.

ColorComm helps catapult women of color in communications

Did you know that women make up less than half of the workforce in the United States? According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and a report from the Pew Research Center, women are expected to make up 47.1% of the labor force in 2025 and 46.3% by 2060.

Beyond the numbers, women of color entering corporate America and those climbing the ladder face a number of challenges, from not receiving equal pay to not being able to catch a break.

With all of those truths, a part of Wilson’s mission is to help the next generation of leaders to change the way they think about work and how they contribute to the workplace so that they can truly benefit from what companies have to offer.

“I want people to go and find business opportunities,” she says. “I want people to go find jobs if they’re looking for a career change. I want people to find ways they can speak on panels if that’s what they’re looking to do. I want people to walk away knowing how to increase their personal finance. I want every single last person to go into their company and say, ‘I need to be on your 401(k) plan and match that plan.’”

Dia Simms, President of Combs Wine & Spirits at Combs Enterprises, speaking at ColorComm Conference 2019

Wilson adds that this summit will offer more than education and professional development, but provide a two-way learning experience where both the experts and the audience will have the opportunity to engage with one another in a real way and have the opportunity to be heard.

“It’s about giving this audience a chance to speak up and share what they need as it relates to support, as it relates to their manager, to be able to grow to feel excited and feel motivated and really learn from this audience, which I think is very key,” says Wilson.

Wilson always wants women to note that the summit is not just another networking event.

“ColorComm is about quality versus quantity. You can have thousands of people there, but if not one person can do something that you need or be fulfilled, than it really didn’t matter,” says Wilson.

Given the organization’s history and reputation for cultivating a community of doers, it is fair to say that the summit is where young women need to invest their time.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, level up, and leverage up, secure your ticket today.