Cam Newton Launches Luxury Travel Bag with Vinta for Stylish Travelers

Cam Newton Launches Luxury Travel Bag with Vinta for Stylish Travelers

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is taking his entrepreneur spirit to new heights with the launch of a travel bag. Although an injury has him sidelined from playing football this season, the 30-year-old NFL star is still putting in work. Newton has become an equity and creative partner of Vinta Supply Co., a premium travel accessories brand. His first product is a limited edition premium backpack, the TYPE-II C1N, with a fashion-forward, modular design. It is specifically created for style-conscious travelers and busy city living. The TYPE-II C1N is on sale for $250 and currently available for preorder on the Vinta website. The fashionable quarterback made the announcement via Twitter last week.

“I’m excited to be working with Vinta and putting my first bag out into the world. It’s called the TYPE-II C1N, and it’s designed for a person like me, with a constant schedule, who doesn’t stop and wants a fashionable, high-quality bag that’s functional for everyday life,” Newton said in a statement. “It’s customizable, stylish, and every feature has been so well thought out and designed. That’s what Vinta embodies: travel made easy. I know they’ve done it for me, and I know they’re going to do it for everyone who buys one.”

“Cam bought one of our bags, saw all the compartments and said he wanted to be involved with us.” With that, Newton contacted Vinta and eventually was brought on board as an investor and creative partner, Douglas Larsen, co-founder and lead designer of Vinta told WWD.

“We met him in Atlanta during the off-season and he wanted the bag to be more functional so some details were added,” Larsen said, adding that the team was careful to retain its fashionable tone as well.

VINTA Supply Co. was founded in New York City in 2015 by photographer, animator, and graphic designer Victor Soto. Through collaboration with lead designer Larsen, VINTA has grown from manufacturing a singular backpack model to a line of premium travel products that cater not only to photographers but all style-conscious commuters and travelers who take devices, cables, and technical equipment on the road.