Camelback Ventures Kicks Off #NextInLine Social Media Campaign
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Camelback Ventures Presents Social Media Campaign To Kick Off The Generational Inheritance Movement

Image courtesy of Kelli Saulny, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Camelback Ventures.

Camelback Ventures, a company that assists underrepresented entrepreneurs, has started an interactive social media campaign for people to show who inspired them.

Camelback has kicked off the #NextInLine social media campaign, which allows users to design and post free custom templates honoring those from the past and present who inspired them to empower the next and future generations.

“Much of our work at Camelback Ventures centers around uplifting and empowering people of color and
women founders to be their best selves and thrive in the entrepreneurial space,” said Camelback Ventures
founder & CEO Aaron T. Walker, “My hope is that Camelback’s #NextInLine campaign will allow us to
continue to successfully implement our mission by allowing the entrepreneurs we serve, our supporters, and
new friends to create positive ripple effects to build more equitable future that will be felt by future

The focus for the #NextInLine campaign is inheritance and generational wealth, something most Black Americans in this country do not have experience with. According to Camelback, the net worth of an average white family is $171,000. Nearly 10 times greater than the average Black family. Additionally, the average amount of inheritance is $150,000 compared to just $40,000 for Black families.

The campaign is a call to action to establish a collective transfer of assets, values, and policies to build inclusive wealth across generations. Camelback believes inheritance is a matter of what we create, practice daily, and will eventually pass on.

The purpose of this movement is to promote advocacy education for those committed to designing and
investing in the creation of thriving BIPOC communities and the entrepreneurs that serve them,” said
Camelback Ventures Director of Strategic Partnerships Kelli Saulny. “Through data, history, and
storytelling our aim is to shape their understanding of wealth opportunities, impact, and the challenges in
between them.

Users can create their templates here and you can tag Camelback Ventures in the post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.